Archicule presents the work of artists (painters, sculptors, writers, conceptual artists) who, through their work, have come to deal with some aspect of architecture, be it constructing or remodeling buildings, making furniture, or designing landscape architecture.

Included will be examples and/or documentation of various projects including: small buildings, home renovation, absurd real estate, space relationships, adaptables and furniture as you wait. Often functional, sometimes only marginally so, these works conceptually hark back to the original practices of the artists: James Hyde, Peter Dudek, Sara Oppenheimer, Jimbo Blachly, Robert Gero, Robert Kocik and Mike Ballou.

16_Archicule Installation.jpg
3_Makor Wall DetailReS.jpg
1_Makor InstallationReS.jpg
15_Makor Installation detail.jpg
Robert Gero Apostate Structure I 2008.jpg
Ungrounding 2006.jpg
Transitory,Fugitive and Contingent.jpg
six Macro Temporal Forms 2007.jpg